The Importance of Iodine for Optimal Health

Two days ago my sister-in-law sent me an email about the importance of iodine – and it came with a sales letter about an iodine supplement.  Like most people I do take supplements, I was told I should take supplements by a nutritionist because I have problems absorbing nutrients from the food I eat, due to IBS which I have struggled with for years.  When I read the sales letter my interest was piqued, the sales letter wrote of so many benefits I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Many of the ailments are odd problems that you don’t go for help mainly because you aren’t really ill, just generally low!

After doing a Google search about the importance of Iodine I was amazed to find that the sales letter was correct, that most people do have a deficiency in iodine and that the lack of iodine in the diet can cause quite serious health problems, cancer, especially breast and prostate, mental retardation for infants if they have been deprived of iodine in the womb, but also breast tendencies towards cysts, which can be a forerunner of breast cancer and overweight that is difficult to shed, insomnia, blood sugar problems and a host of other, even Alzeimers.  I never knew that iodine was so important in ones diet, and of course these days you can’t get it in the food you eat other than fish as the soils are iodine depleted.

The Silent Epidemic of Iodine Deficiency 

By Nancy Piccone

In 2008, researchers concerned about the growing threat of iodine deficiency analyzed 88 samples1 of iodized table salt—the main supply of this critical micronutrient for most people.2
Less than half of those tested contained amounts of iodine sufficient for optimal health.
Coupled with the trend of reduced salt consumption, rates of iodine deficiency are now reaching epidemic levels.
In the developed world, iodine deficiency has increased more than fourfold over the past 40 years. Nearly 74% of normal, “healthy” adults may no longer consume enough iodine.3,4
In this article, the latest data on this dangerous trend are presented. You will learn of iodine deficiency’s profound impact on overall health. You will discover iodine’s vital role in thyroid function and its link to obesity, cognitive impairment, heart disease, psychiatric disorders, and various forms of cancer. You will also find out how iodine can help ward off breast cancer and fibrocystic breast disease. . . . . .

A few years ago I was really struggling with insomnia, to the extent I have to use sleeping tablets, and it is still ongoing, although not as bad as it was.  In my research for answers I became aware that if you have low thyroid you can suffer from insomnia, so I had my thyroid checked out – as it happens I am not low enough to treat it, but I realised that I am on a low sodium diet (low salt) because of having had a heart attack 15 years ago.  I tend not to eat bread, so wouldn’t actually get iodine from the flour (or so I thought) so just in case all my problems stemmed from not having enough iodine I started taking Kelp as a supplement – I tablet a day was the recommended dose, but after reading how important iodine is and how depleted most peoples iodine’s levels are, and how there isn’t iodine left in the soil anymore so the only iodine one really gets it through eating fish and using seasalt on ones food – I took the decision yesterday to double the dose and hopefully this should do the trick. If you want to read a book called The Iodine Crisis: What You don’t know about Iodine could wreck your life – than click on the link coloured in black.



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Amazing Health and Beauty Reasons to Use Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

I am awaiting an operation for the usual problem women have ‘everything going south’, and because of this problem I have been on a low dose antibiotic for years.  I am now allergic to the medication and take an antihistamine tablet so I can continue taking this medication.  Lately taking all this medication was making me very nauseous, and that was almost the last straw for me.  I was pretty desperate until I saw a post on Facebook about the benefits of taking Apple Cider Vinegar.  I decided to give it a trial, and found it was very effective in stopping the nausea.  I took it for a few months daily and now I don’t suffer from nausea at all, in spite of having to continue with the medication, but at least I know that if I am affected again I will just go back to taking Apple Cider Vinegar.

But today I read the article 15 Reasons to Use Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day,which I will put a link to for your benefit, and that impressed me enough to use it for some of the benefits listed.  Especially the one where the author states she uses it to give her quick and effective bursts of energy, something I need very badly as my energy levels are sadly depleted because of the health issues I  have.


15 reasons to Use Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day

Apple cider vinegar is my new obsession. I recently began taking apple cider vinegar shots a few times a day for a quick and effective energy burst. However, I’ve since discovered so many other useful ways to incorporate apple cider vinegar (ACV) into my daily routine.
It’s effective for pretty much anything—your skin, your hair, your house, and even your pets can benefit from its qualities. Raw, organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized, apple cider vinegar is so much more than a salad dressing! . . . . . .

If this has whetted your appetite to know more than read the next article called 28 health and beauty benefits of ACV.  Why I am so excited as this article addresses a specific health problem I have, that doctors are not able to help me, so it is worth giving ACV a try and see if it does work the miracle I badly need.

28 Health and Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

I have posted many health and beauty ideas in the past on this blog with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as one of the main ingredients. But I have never done a post devoted solely to this magic elixir….before now. Lately I’ve been hearing more and more about the benefits of this stuff and I have made a concerted effort to start taking it on a daily basis as a preventive measure. Which is not easy! As a matter of fact, I have had to make up my own “easier to swallow” mixture, while my sister takes it straight! Maybe someday I can work up to that…but maybe not.
Before I get started let me emphasize that in order to get the benefits of ACV you need to use raw organic ACV. This contains the “mother” of the vinegar which has raw enzymes and gut-friendly bacteria that promote healing.  Clear vinegar is processed and doesn’t have any of the benefits of raw ACV. I use Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, which I can find at my local grocery store. . . . . . .

I then decided to research Apple Cider Vinegar more thoroughly, and found two things, I can purchase Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar through or for USA and also found a book at Amazon called The Apple Cider Vinegar Bible by Elena Hutchinson, and was very impressed with the little I was able to read from the preview Amazon so kindly gives with their books.  I am definitely going to purchase both the book and the ACV and see how it helps and if it is as effective as the Sainsbury Apple Cider Vinegar, which was just the normal pasteurised vinegar, than I will definitely write and say how it has helped me.  If you want to read a book called The Apple Cider Vinegar Bible by Elena Hutchinson than click on the link colored in yellow

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Too Busy, Too Stressed, How To do Less but Achieve More!

Today I was directed to this article, came as a link in an email, and the title The Difference Between Successful and Very Successful People really intrigued me.  Like most people I have always wanted to be more successful than I am, not in fame or fortune, although that would be nice, but to be more successful in getting life necessities done properly.  To make the right decisions, to stop chasing my tail, to make best use of what time I have been allotted.  Like most people my life is very cluttered, mentally, physically, materially and also spiritually, and all this brings about stress, which is why I was intrigued by this article,  which explains the concept of decluttering  or Essentialism very well.  Its strange, minimalism became very fashionable a decade or so ago – some people really take to it, others, like myself prefer to live in a cluttered house, and then moan at all the work it entails. Minimalism is a practical form of Essentialism, you remove from your house all clutter, keeping the essentials.  Everyone I know is always too busy, and the stress of being too busy just mounts up – and sadly being too busy stops them from achieving what they want to achieve and find the satisfaction that comes with that achievement.  Essentialism is removing from your life everything that isn’t important so you have the time and space to do what is important. Read the article and see what you think or watch the youtube video, because Greg McKeown is the author of Essentialism and explains it very well in the video. So sorry I was unable to share the actual email or article in Linkedin so found  this article from Huffington Post by Greg McKeown instead. but it is essentially the same message.

What ‘Essentialists’ Do Differently (And Why You Want To Be One)

Author and business adviser Greg McKeown believes that each of us falls into one of two groups: essentialists and non-essentialists. Essentialists are men and women who make wise investments of their time and energy in order to “operate at their highest points of contribution,” he writes in his forthcoming book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. They constantly ask themselves, “Am I focused on the right activities?” …..

 Stress is made up of so many things, but the main thing is just not having the time to do all we need to do.  If we don’t sleep our 7 -8 hours that are needed to give us the clarity of thought and energy we need to get through the day, then we are asking for trouble.  We just can’t keep the pace of rushing without suffering burnout in some form or other.  Women who have young children and have to go to work to help with the very high mortgage payments, are very at risk of burnout and possible clinical depression.  I remember the very difficult days when I was a young divorced mother of two small children and having to work as well as get my eldest to her school whilst my young son went to nursery school.  i was fortunate inasmuch I had no option but return to my parents house and Mum was able to take my son to nursery school every day, whilst I took my daughter, before rushing to get my train into the city to get to work on time.  Just the rush was extremely stressful, the worst thing was how your stress will affect how the children behave.  When I met my husband and eventually emigrated to the UK I came to a quiet village, I didn’t have to rush anymore, the peace and quiet was deafening at first, but when i adjusted to the slower pace and quieter life, it was wonderful.  of course that didn’t last very long, but long enough for me to be determined not to go back to the stress of rushing anymore.  If you want to read a book by Greg McKeown called Essentialism: Disciplined Pursuit of Less than click on the link coloured in yellow.




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Losing My Memory is My Worst Fear

Memory is such an important part of our ability to function properly and even when we are young and able, our memories can let us down.  Students do well at school and gain confidence if they have a great memory, having a good logical part to the brain also helps, but if you have a good logical brain and poor memory sadly it is hard to really do well at your studies.

However as you get older the saddest thing about ageing is losing not only your physical strength, but also suffering memory lapses, which can lead to great fear that you are heading towards dementia or Alzheimers disease.

I am curating two articles this time, both from Dr Al Sears, the first article is on the awfulness of losing ones memory, and how important helping yourself preserve your memory by using a herb called bacoba, is.

Losing My Memory is My Worst Fear

Losing my memory scares me. I continue to hope that I can avoid it no matter how long I live.

Most of my patients who I talk to about that express the same fear. So… I’ve been doing some research…

The latest research shows that the herb bacopa protects your brain and more importantly, can improve intellectual capacity, concentration and memory, as well as shorten learning time.


Bacoba Monnieri

Bacoba Monnieri

The second article is more information about the herb called bacoba which is extremely interesting.  It apparently helps you regain memory, and even better it helps to stop breakdown in memory transmission.  You know the awfulness of speaking about something or other, knowing exactly what you are going to say, and then suddenly your mind goes blank, you can’t remember either a word, probably a word you use daily, or you have totally lost your train of thought.  Well the herb plant bacoba monnierir contains a chemical that will stop that – and I don’t know about you, but that intrigues me enough to try it out.  After all many plants help in awful illnesses.  I am thinking of quinine for malaria and aspirin for pain.  Just recently I have found I can eat tomatoes if I add the herb basil to it, it makes the tomatoes not so acidic.  So if I know a herb will help a problem I am willing to give it a try, as it is natural and not something someone has compounded.  Mind you I understand you can purchase bacoba herbal supplements if you prefer not to bother about growing the plants yourself, and find that popping a pill is your preferred way of taking something.

Graceful Way to Boost Your Brain

There’s an herb that’s not very well know in the United States, but in India, this plant is so revered that they use it in their ritual to consecrate newborn babies.
They believe it opens the gateways to knowledge… and this little flower’s brain-boosting power shows they’re right.

It’s called bacopa. I’m lucky that it grows in a few of the sunnier places around the large pond in my backyard. It’s a perennial, so I can always see a few purplish-white flowers poking out here and there along the edge of the water.
I like to take a thick leaf or two in my hand and snap it open between my fingers and crush it a little… it has a nice lemon scent to it.

Growing old is very daunting, something when you are young and physically strong have no idea how awful it can be, but if you can take on board all Dr Al Sears says in both articles you have a greater chance of living a full active life to the very end.  Old age needn’t be the dreadful scenario it so often is made out to be, especially is you have to give up your independence and spend your remaining years in an old age home.  Some homes can actually be very pleasant places to live, and this article is not meant to be derogatory about them, but I do think when you reside in an Old Age Home, you no longer have day to day decisions to make and a certain amount of mental stimulation goes as a result. I do think it is important to keep your independence as long as possible, obviously if you can no longer care for yourself than there are no other options.  But I have friends who have put their name down to go into a home, and there is no reason at this moment of time for them to even contemplate this,  and really to me that is giving up on life. If you would like to read a book called Brain Power than click on the link colored in yellow.

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Understanding how Leptin can Help You Lose Weight

Winter, for the over weight person, who is genuinely trying to lose weight but not succeeding, is a difficult time.  Not only do you have the Christmas and New Year holidays that involve a great deal of rich delicious but dreadfully fattening food, because of the weather and being stuck indoors, it is hard to shift the weight.
Soon it will be spring and summer, and holidays with appearing on the beach in a swimsuit will be in ones mind.  And inevitably you will be thinking of going on a diet to help you shed those unwanted pounds that too much Christmas and New Year have added to your hips, thighs, waist  and bottom.

But how to go about it.  there are many fad diets about at present, but I thought you should know about the effect Leptin has on the body as, if you can stimulate your Leptin levels and reduce the resistance, you stand a very good chance of losing weight quickly and keeping it off.  But you need to understand exactly what Leptin is, and how together with insulin it can help you lose weight, if you follow the guidelines Dr Mercola gives in his article about it, or it can block all you weight losing plans if you disregard it completely.

The videos below are by Dr Pompa, who gives a very clear illustration on how important Leptin is in helping you lose weight and how your body becomes resistant to it.  I wasn’t able to find a video by Dr Mercola on the subject, but thought this was just as good.  The video below the article by Dr Mercola is just how to change your diet and reverse the effects of Leptin resistance on your body. Dr Pompa also gives advice on how to do this, neither is very easy to do, but if you do manage it, you should see great results.


New Revelations Support Diet and Exercise to Reverse Leptin Resistance, Thereby Promoting a Healthy Weight
By Dr. Mercola
Leptin, a hormone that plays a key role in regulating energy intake and energy expenditure, may be one of the most important hormones in your body that will determine your health and lifespan. Insulin is another, and the two work in tandem.
Both insulin and leptin resistance are associated with obesity, and impairment of their ability to transfer the information to receptors is the true foundational core of most all chronic degenerative diseases.
Metabolism can roughly be defined as the chemistry that turns food into life, and therefore insulin and leptin are both critical to health and disease. Insulin and leptin work together to control the quality of your metabolism, and, to a significant extent, your rate of metabolism.
read the complete article by clicking on the link colored in yellow

I fully understand what Dr Mercola is saying, because it is my experience of attempting to diet, and then when I stopped all the weight was regained.  Then later on I tried to diet again, yes i did lose a certain amount of fat, but this time it was just that bit harder to shed the weight, and again once I had stopped dieting the weight piled back on again.
The next time I tried to diet, shifting the weight was even harder, and now I understand why, my Leptin levels were too low, my metabolism was too low, and my Leptin resistance was too high. 

No wonder I failed in trying to lose weight, and no wonder I am always too tired, and sleep deprived because of insomnia, which is probably caused by Leptin resistance being too high.  It is a vicious circle, and now I understand that if I don’t do anything about it properly the overweight could bring on cancer, and that is scary.  Also they do mention that if you have high levels of Leptin resistance that can bring on Alzheimers disease, and I don’t know what is more scary, cancer or Alzheimers.  And all because of our love for sweet things and processed foods. What dreadful things we do to ourselves when we eat only the things we fancy and don’t bother about giving our bodies the food it needs to be healthy and fit.  If you want to read a book called Mastering Leptin: Your Guide to Permanent Weight Loss and Optimum Health Paperback than click on the link colored in yellow.

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Changes in Household Routines Help Reduce Childhood Obesity

There is no sadder picture than seeing the struggles of a child that is ‘morbidly obese’, and this problem is definitely on the increase.  Last week I watched a Television program about two children, the older 8 years of age, weighing more than I do, and I am classed as obese.  The younger at 5 years, already weighing in at 140 lbs.  The elder child sadly had a diet that was pure junk food, too much fat, and carbohydrate, a diet destined to give him major health problems, if he hasn’t already got them.  He couldn’t walk very far indeed and had to use a wheel chair to get him to school and back.  The younger child did appear to eat healthy food, but just ate too much of it.

For the elder child one could see if his Mother could get him to change the way he ate, he would lose significant amount of fat, but if he wasn’t given the food he wanted, then he would get into a dreadful state, crying and carrying on until he got what he wanted.  The younger child too if he could just curb his appetite he would hopefully get his weight down fairly easily, but he too couldn’t cope with reducing the amount of food he ate.  The trick is not to allow your child to get to this degree of overweight before doing something about it.

I have a friend who has a grandchild that suffers from a genetic illness called Prada Willis disease, which makes him want to eat all the time, and to protect him from eating himself to death, his family really has to take a very tough stand, otherwise they would be failing him.

The you tube video below also gives good advice on how to get a child to want to eat sensibly.  The article below that highlights the importance of getting a child to get enough sleep, and I believe this is very important as the body functions differently when the child doesn’t get enough sleep.  I also know if I am too tired I eat more, perhaps subconsciously trying to get more energy or comfort eating.

Changes in household routines help reduce kids’ obesity

By Kathleen Doheny

HealthDay Reporter
TUESDAY, Sept. 10 (HealthDay News) — Small changes in household routines, such as limiting TV time and increasing sleep time, can help minimize excess weight gain in young children at high risk of obesity, according to new research.
“Improving household routines led to a reduction of the risk of childhood obesity,” said study researcher Dr. Elsie Taveras, chief of general pediatrics at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children in Boston.
“We were able to improve sleep time (and) reduce time spent watching television, and we were able to show that in the intervention group, children had a lower rate of weight gain,” Taveras said.  To read the full article just click on the link below.

The article shows how to make a few adjustments in your daily routine to make sure your child doesn’t develop this problem, and if he is going that way, then note what is said about too little sleep, something that isn’t widely known.  Not enough sleep can make a child overeat.  probably my basic problem, because as a child, at boarding school, I used to read many books underneath the blankets.  I wish now I knew that later on in life i would struggle with my weight because of doing this.  The other point of limiting TV Viewing time makes a great deal of sense, but instead of sitting watch telly, it would be great to get the child out of doors running around in the fresh air.  Sadly because of the long winter in the UK, too many children don’t get much outdoor playtime, essential for overall good health.  If you are interested in reading a book called SuperSized Kids: How to Rescue Your Child from the Obesity Threat, than click on the link colored in yellow.

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Prevent Childhood Obesity to Improve the World

Today children are more obese than they have ever been.  I was a sturdy child, but not obese, but I have struggled with obesity most of my adult life.  Through the many diets I have been on, I have developed food intolerances and other horrid ailments.  I went to boarding school at the age of 7 and 1/2 years and realize that the overweight problem came from being fed a high simple carbohydrate diet, that left me having a huge appetite, probably from stimulating my insulin production system.

The problem with eating simple carbohydrates (white bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries etc) is simply it increases your insulin, and that attacks the blood sugars and when it has mopped up all the blood sugars, you have a blood sugar drop that leaves you feeling really miserable. Today’s  children drink fizzy cool drinks that are either full of High Fruit Corn Syrup – proven today to being one of the most fattening sugars you can eat, even more fattening than straight cane sugar, and the amount of sugar in one bottle of soda is enough for  a weeks supply of sugar, or they drink the diet variety and that is equally harmful as it has aspartame instead of sugar, and any artificial sugar has a very harmful effect on the body.   As well as the sodas they probably only like food that is battered, chicken nuggets etc, and fries, and these foods are not only high in carbohydrates but also in saturated fats and trans fatty acids. Your child is storing up long term ill health problems if they are allowed to drink and eat like this on a regular basis.

When you become overweight you build up fat cells, and sadly unless these fat cells are removed surgically or through liposuction, when you diet you are just emptying the fat cells, and if through circumstances you start to regain weight those fat cells just fill up again.

Prevent Childhood Obesity to Improve the World

by Stalis Ethica

Obesity is an epidemic striking all social levels as well as age groups, including children. Obesity can come from severe health complications, such as strokes or heart attacks, diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Obesity affects on a larger scale because the weight-related health problems may stack up soaring bills.

It is worrying that today the rate of child obesity keeps rising worldwide. Approximately 43 million of preschool children across the world in 2010 were overweight or obese. In addition to this, the life experiences of the children, such as too-little sleep, lack of breastfeeding, and too-much television may lead to the increased risk of obesity later in their life. For that reason, early child care providers should play role in avoiding the obesity epidemic.

Early childhood is a crucial period for obesity prevention. During this period children are establishing taste preferences, learning to speak and walk, and enthusiastically mimicking both healthy and unhealthy habits of people around them particularly their caregivers. Although there are many factors that play a main role in causing childhood obesity, including genetics, there are ways you can help to improve this situation.

1. Avoid large serving portions as often served by restaurants since these greatly contribute to childhood obesity. Provide your children with the right amount of home-made meals that are usually healthier than restaurant foods and avoid giving them sugary drinks. Instead, support your children to consume more water or organic juices.

2. Teach your children to have a positive self-image. You should focus on the positive sides of the child, not the negative ones. It was found that children having poor self images are more likely to develop obesity.

3. Avoid awarding children with sweets. You should find better ways to reward your children for good behavior. Several healthier ideas to do so include taking them to have a trip, to see their favorite movie, to watch sports team, or to buy a new book.

4. Encourage children to involve actively in various school and recreational activities. It is mandatory to begin school activities earlier including swimming, baseball, basketball, or softball if possible.

5. Restrict the time quantity spent by your children for playing video games, watching television, or surfing the web. An hour or less per day is enough to do all these things. Allow your children’s free time more for doing healthier activities such as assisting with household chore or playing outside and bicycling with their friends.

6. Support the school food programs, so your children can have healthier meal options. For example, you can suggest the school administrators to buy healthy vending machines carrying only water, healthy snacks, fruit juices, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

7. Develop healthy daily meal and snack times. It is important to make a vast variety of healthy foods available based on the rule from the Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children.

8. Practice a healthy lifestyle. If you want to encourage your child to have a healthy diet and be active, then you should give the same example. Remember that kids tend to learn all behaviors from their parents including the healthy ones.

After all, for most children, childhood obesity is the result of too many food calories and too little physical activity. As these habits develop in early childhood, the attempts to prevent obesity in children should start early. However, for most very young children, your concentration is to keep their current weight, while the little kids can grow normally in height.

Stalis Ethica is an experienced article writer and a writer manager with science background. She specializes in writing informative articles in various niches.

Article Source:

The other very sad problem for children is simply they don’t really play out of doors much, even riding bicycles is fraught with danger for children in certain areas, town and cities. Also the fascination with game consoles, phones, iPods and computers doesn’t help either.  

Also don’t forget fast foods like MacDonalds and KFC and crisps and fries, it takes a very committed parent to help the children withstand all these temptations.  But goodness the health problems ahead for these obese children are enormous, and don’t forget the lack of confidence or low self-esteem that being fat gives a person.  As parents we are doing no favours to our children by allowing them to go down this route. They will be battling weight problems their entire life, with all the serious health problems that obesity brings.

The writer of the above article gives good points to help parents prevent childhood obesity.  Sometimes easier said than done, given the rush young mothers have today, especially if they have to work as well as look after their family. It takes a lot of energy to look after young children, and sadly when you have completed a days work you just don’t have the energy to cook healthy meals or time to give your children.  I know going to work is essential for some families, but it would help if Mum didn’t work full time if she has to work at all.  if you want to read a review about a book called Overweight: What Kids say about it, than click on the link coloured in yellow.

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Lose Weight The Easy Way With This Wonderful Advice » Social Network

Losing weight is always a difficult issue.  There are so many people giving advice, so many quite appealing fad diets out there it can be hard to know what is the correct diet to follow for your particular problem.  

The latest fad going on how to lose weight is Green Coffee Extract.  On the face of what is being written this seems a wonderfully easy way to lose a few pounds, so much so I and my husband bought a months supply of Green Coffee Bean Extract from a well known store online.  We thought we had bought a good make, we thought it was 100% Green Coffee Bean Extract, but when we received the product sadly it wasn’t.  The first thing that happened was my husband, who has had coronary stents and is on medication to lower high blood pressure, his blood pressure dropped alarmingly and so he had to come off the supplements immediately.  I then took the tablets for almost 2 months consistently, sadly I didn’t lose a pound in weight during that time.  

The following article is simply how to change your lifestyle and make small adjustments and hopefully you will lose weight very slowly but surely if you implement the advice given.  The tip on chunky soup is a good one, a chunky soup will fill you and sustain you, and will help those who have a sensitive digestion and aren’t always able to eat all the vegetables you need to eat, to replace the fattening foods, so you can then hopefully lose weight.

Lose Weight The Easy Way With This Wonderful Advice » Social Network

“…longer. Though popular, fad diets are not always the best way to safely lose weight. However, if losing weight is important to you, it’s best to stay away from fad diets. Although a fad diet may seem intriguing…”


I also agree with what was said about exercise, although that can be very difficult to carry out and again to maintain over time.  I do use an elliptical trainer, or cross trainer regularly, however what he says about increasing the exercise is very true.  My trainer has so many levels of resistance, and I am now at level 4 out of 7 levels.  The beauty of regular exercise is simply it makes you feel better, probably because your oxygen intake is greater.  I exercise for 30 minutes a day, I do roughly 9 kilometers at 17 Kl an hour, which isn’t brilliant but I am in my seventies, have had a heart attack at a much younger age, and so must be careful not to over exercise.  Another good tip mentioned was not sitting for long periods, that spoke volumes to me as I spend too much time sitting, either at the wheel of a car, at my computer, at my keyboard, watching my granddaughter’s dance class and on a ride-on lawn mower.  Trouble is I enjoy all of it, so will have to endeavour to put a bit more walking whenever I can.

If you want to read a book called The Weight Loss Triad: A Comprehensive Guide To Lasting Weight Loss than click on the link colored in yellow.

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How the Bacteria in Your Gut is Linked to the Size of Your Waistline…

In my previous article on the necessity of getting the balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria in the digestive system correct for optimum health, I didn’t realize that it can also help the problem of belly fat or thickening waistline, that in itself is a health hazard, as well as being unsightly.  Sadly there are many things that can make getting the balance between good and bad bacteria in the gut very difficult to address.

If like myself, you have to take antibiotics frequently or daily as i do, then taking Probiotics is imperative if you want to maintain you health.  However, and I didn’t know this until I started researching the Probiotics that are of value, if the Probiotics you are taking contain the ingredient magnesium stearate, then you are probably not taking live bacteria.  Dr Mercola makes very sweeping statements about getting the right Probiotic, and sadly when i checked the Probiotics i am taking they contain magnesium stearate, so it is back to finding a product that i can trust.

The following article shows how important the good bacteria in your gut is to helping you lose those extra pounds, especially if they have given you an enlarged waistline.

How the Bacteria in Your Gut is Linked to the Size of Your Waistline…

Daily supplements with the probiotic Lactobacillus gasseri SBT2055 may help weight loss in people with obese tendencies, according to new research.
After twelve weeks of consuming a fermented milk product containing the Lactobacillus strain, study subjects averaged a 4.6 percent reduction in abdominal fat and a 3.3 percent reduction in subcutaneous fat.

When you read the above article you will find that there are several enemies to keeping the balance between good and bad bacteria in your gut.  I take antibiotics daily and that definitely is one of the enemies listed.  Also the water I drink is chlorinated, another enemy listed. Most of the vegetables and fruit we eat is polluted with herbicides and pesticides, another enemy.  The air we breathe if we live in a large city, is also polluted. The one I would never suspect is anti-bacterial soap, and we are all so conscious of washing hands and wiping surfaces with disinfectant, which kills all bacteria, good and bad.

I am fortunate in the fact that my husband is an avid gardener and we eat our own produce from the garden for about 5 months of the year, and that does make a great health benefit.  Organic veggies, from the vine onto the plate, not only tastes wonderful, it really helps boost ones vitality.  I just wish we could extend the growing season a touch.  Now I see that our produce also helps in restoring the balance between good and bad bacteria.

What can I do to help this situation in my life.  I can eat more fermented foods like sauerkraut, yoghurt and pickled foods.  I can try and get a filter to filter out the chlorine in my water.  Find a better source of Probiotic supplements, and eat more fresh organically grown fruit and vegetables.  Our health is our wealth.  For the past four days I have suffered from gastritis and felt very sorry for myself.  My husband took pity on me and cooked a most delicious soup which really helped me recover.  But our health is our wealth, and most people long to be slim, fit with lots of vitality, instead of overweight and no energy at all.  If you want to read a book about The Probiotics Revolution and the Definitve guide to Safe Natural Health Solutions than click on the link coloured in yellow.

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What We Need To Combat The Bacteria In Our Systems

When I was much younger i learned a very painful lesson that we are what we eat, and had to completely overhaul my diet to combat cluster migraine, which was making me extremely ill.  Since then i ahve also suffered from a heart attack, due mainly to a severe shock, but again because I wasn’t very old I needed to overhaul my diet yet again.  Even then it wasn’t enough, I thought i was eating correctly, healthily, but developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and although i have done everything I know and understand to combat this problem, so far I have had limited success.

But it is only very recently I have understood about good bacteria and bad bacteria in our systems, and am taking Acidopholus to help rectify the problem.  But I thought the problem was brought on by anti-biotics, especially as lately I have been prescribed a lot of anti-biotics.  So I was very dismayed to read that just drinking chlorinated water can also destroy the good bacteria.  So many digestive problems are caused by this, coeliac disease, irritable bowel, psoriasis, colitis, excema, arthritis, and in fact most auto-immune diseases you can ultimately blame the inbalance in our gut of good versus bad bacteria.

What We Need To Combat The Bacteria In Our Systems

“…health effect. Inside healthy colons are billions of good bacteria which support our immune system … the good bacteria in us and decrease our ability to fight off disease.When our immune system is broken…”


Some nutritionists recommend eating fermented foods like sauerkraut, yoghurt, kefir, or more of a similar ilk.  But to rectify the problem you would have to eat these foods in vast quantities, so it isn’t practical.  Yes I am taking probiotics, but sadly whilst there is improvement, there isn’t enough improvement that I can honestly say I have recovered from feeling lethargic, plus the problems of irritable bowel syndrome, and back to feeling full of vim and vigour once more.  

That is what I am after, to regain ones lost vitality is my ambition.  But it is true to say you must be very careful of what probiotic you take, as you don’t actually know whether the stuff you are taking is still alive or not, and is still capable of doing its job.  At the moment I am also researching the fruit ‘graviola’, as I understand it has wonderful healing properties, especially for digestive problems, and if I can actually purchase the fruit in the United Kingdom, I will give it a trial run and write up my experiences.

In the meantime if you are troubled with frequent indigestion, irritable bowel, colitis, coeliac disease, excema, arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes 2, then check out probiotics and see if changing you gut bacteria will aid your recovery from these auto-immune diseases.  If you to read a book called Bacteria for Breakfast: Probiotics for Good health than click on the link colored in yellow.

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