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Profile photo of SallyHi my name is Sally, I was born in Zambia and educated in Cape Town.  I emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1970, to marry my husband Cliff.  We have three children and two grandchildren of whom I am very proud.

I love music and it was a great joy when I was able to connect my computer to my keyboard and able to write my own songs, and then record them on CD.  Sadly my friend who was singing my songs became ill and so a very special time in my life came to an end.  However to be honest I think only a very few people liked my music so maybe it is just as well.

All my life I have been interested in health and fitness, mainly because I had a serious health issue that was directly caused by what I ate, and my doctor could not help me and in fact told me not to bother him with my problem again.  When one struggles with health issues it can make life very difficult and I realized that I needed to address my health issues and find exactly what needed to be done to regain my health. I also realized that we are tripartite, in other words body soul and spirit, and for optimum health we need to be firing on all three cylinders and all need to be healthy for optimum health.

My children also have health issues, they also have had to address what they eat, sadly my son had a serious road traffic accident 24 years ago, and so it has highlighted for me the difficulties that can occur when one takes painkillers and anti-inflammatories over a long time. Up until three years ago he managed his injuries incredibly well with eating sensibly and exercising correctly, and although he is 33% disabled dreamed of rowing at a high level.  Sadly this was all brought to a halt when he had a hospital procedure that went sadly wrong and nearly killed him. Now he is really struggling to get his health back and hopefully he will find the way back to optimum health once again.

My daughter suffered from gallstones and the hospital didn’t pick this up until she developed pancreatitis. She had her gallbladder removed but a stone was left behind and she had another bout of pancreatitis which led into diabetes.  She had to inject herself with insulin twice a day, but eventually she got control of the disease and the diabetes was altered from being stage 1 needing insulin injections, to stage 3 pancreas stressed diabetes.  She still needs to watch what she eats, but her health has improved wonderfully and when she gets the time to exercise correctly the result is astounding.



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