Are Food Allergies Making You Fat?

Food intolerance can cause many health problems, none of which are life threatening, but can put a damper on your life. My family have a history of food intolerances, indeed from the age of 25 years I suffered acute cluster migraines, and although my doctor absolutely said the migraines weren’t as a result of food intolerances, it was proved that they were  the direct cause of the migraines and they were the 4 deadly C’s, caffeine, chocolate, cheese and citrus and the last included tomatoes.  When I cut these foods out I could cope with the migraines until I was healed.

Nowadays I know that I am sensitive.  I did have a food intolerance test done a few years ago and there was a list, bananas, onions, barley, wheat, yeast, milk and cabbage and others that I can’t remember now.  I did cut those out, but now I know I have more to cut out, and wheat is the main culprit, which gives me dreadful indigestion and nausea if I have to eat it, especially in the form of bread, which has the added yeast in it to upset my digestion.

My weight this last year has suddenly increased and I find I am having to look again at what i am eating.  But as one ages dieting becomes a more tricky problem, especially as one isn’t able to exercise as one used to.

My daughter also has the same problems, but she is managing to tackle the problem, but she is diabetic so she has had to get to grips with her eating habits, but it has paid off handsomely as she has lost over 5 stone or 70 lbs in weight, and kept it off for over 5 years.

Are Food Allergies Making You Fat?

“Lauren said pinpointing allergies is important during weight loss because foods can actually prevent our bodies from losing weight. Since I was showing signs of possible allergies, Lauren said taking a food sensitivity panel would offer insight …Shape Magazine (blog)”


If you are struggling with over weight problems and bloating than do consider this article and see if this is the problem for any overweight or bloating problems you may be suffering from. Today we live in a world where even our food is polluted, and the soil it is grown in is depleted so it is no wonder many people are struggling with food intolerances or even allergies.

It is said that ones health is ones wealth, and if we lose it because we fail to protect it, the quality of our life is very diminished.  As you get older you realize that good health starts in the digestive system, and sadly we are what we eat.  But today it isn’t easy to live a busy life and manage to eat healthily, it does take some organising, but it is truly worth it.  Our poor bodies can be bombarded with all the chemicals that come with the food we eat, and then the medication we take to try and alleviate the problems, not to mention the polluted air we breathe. If you are interested in reading about a book on food intolerances called The Food Intolerance Bible than click on the link colored in yellow.

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