Ask the Doctor: Healthy eating has to start early in life


I love this article, it bears out my thoughts entirely on the dangers of wrong eating in children.  I have struggled with poor health and obesity issues mainly because of going to boarding school at the tender age of 7 and half years, and being subject to the very poor diet offered in my junior school years.  When I look at how many children are suffering weight problems, and how many of them only like to eat what I would class as junk food, i realize that the children often hold their parents to ransome over what they will and won’t eat.

The diet that the Doctor advocates is exactly what most children should eat, but sadly so many children only want food fried in batter or breadcrumbs and fries. I once looked after a youg girl who declared that she was a vegetarian, but wouldn’t eat a single vegetable on her plate.  We grow our own veggies and managed to persuade her to pick her own veggies, but when i tell you she would only pick two beans as her total vegetable intake for the day, you will understand the scale of the problem.

Ask the Doctor: Healthy eating has to start early in life

“I keep hearing about childhood obesity. What can I do now to make sure my 5- and 7-year-olds learn healthy eating habits? You’ve definitely got the timing right: Now is the time to start. Not only can you establish healthy eating habits, you can also …”




Contemplating whether to eat the apple of throw it.

Contemplating whether to eat the apple or throw it.

I really agree that your overall health is built from childhood.  I often wonder what the full affect that eating bottled food does for infants and toddlers.  I know it is done for convenience, and I don’t think the occassional bottled meal will harm children, but when it is all the child is offered, I just wonder at the long term effects. I do notice that children don’t seem to have the same energy that we had as children, and hear a few disturbing reports that children’s arteries are becoming as blocked as if they are in their thirties.

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