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Amazing Health and Beauty Reasons to Use Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

I am awaiting an operation for the usual problem women have ‘everything going south’, and because of this problem I have been on a low dose antibiotic for years.  I am now allergic to the medication and take an antihistamine … Continue reading

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Too Busy, Too Stressed, How To do Less but Achieve More!

Today I was directed to this article, came as a link in an email, and the title The Difference Between Successful and Very Successful People really intrigued me.  Like most people I have always wanted to be more successful than … Continue reading

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Losing My Memory is My Worst Fear

Memory is such an important part of our ability to function properly and even when we are young and able, our memories can let us down.  Students do well at school and gain confidence if they have a great memory, … Continue reading

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Understanding how Leptin can Help You Lose Weight

Winter, for the over weight person, who is genuinely trying to lose weight but not succeeding, is a difficult time.  Not only do you have the Christmas and New Year holidays that involve a great deal of rich delicious but … Continue reading

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Changes in Household Routines Help Reduce Childhood Obesity

There is no sadder picture than seeing the struggles of a child that is ‘morbidly obese’, and this problem is definitely on the increase.  Last week I watched a Television program about two children, the older 8 years of age, … Continue reading

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How our Thought Life can Enhance or Destroy our Health and Wellbeing

Can our Thought Life Enhance or Destroy our Health and Wellbeing. A week ago I was listening to a group of women who were telling about a conference they had attended in London, and how intrigued they were with what … Continue reading

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Health Talk: Planning for baby

Having a healthy pregnancy, easy delivery and a healthy baby, must be most women’s main dream for a fulfilled life.  Sadly we often just fall into pregnancy, instead of planning it, and keep our unhealthy lifestyles going, even though we … Continue reading

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New Tampa Fitness – Kids Obesity, an epidemic? « Healthy Mind …

This is a subject dear to my heart.  I went to boarding school at a very early age and as a result battled obesity all my life, and take it from me when you have dieted and lost weight it … Continue reading

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Healthy bodies, healthier minds

I found this article extremely interesting, seeing I am in the age group that is seeing a decline in my memory and my overall physical activity.  This year sadly I suffered three bouts of influenza which took me some time … Continue reading

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Compassion: Shifting The Balance From Bad to Good Stress

I have included this article on stress, mainly because stress can cause so many long term negative affects on your overall health and feeling of wellbeing.  This article is very positive and gives you one or two pointers on how … Continue reading

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