Compassion: Shifting The Balance From Bad to Good Stress

I have included this article on stress, mainly because stress can cause so many long term negative affects on your overall health and feeling of wellbeing.  This article is very positive and gives you one or two pointers on how to deal with stress if it is long-term, as in having a stressful job, or how short-term stress is actually good for you and built in by nature.

Compassion: Shifting The Balance From Bad to Good Stress

“Chronic stress is BAD. We know from studies conducted by our group and many others that chronic stress can have significant harmful effects on the brain, body, and health. For example, chronic stress can suppress or dysregulate immune function and …”


One positive way I have found in dealing with stress is to find all the good things in the situation that I can find, and thank my Heavenly Father for those good things.  A grateful heart a double portion brings. Often this turns the situation round completely.

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