David Suzuki: Is your office bad for your health and well-being?

Wellness is more than having good physical health, it is fulfilling ones potential mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  As a great part of our life is spent at work it is important to reduce the stress of work as much as possible.  Some of what is said in the following article makes a great deal of sense to me.  I whole heartedly agree with the fact that sitting for much of the day is bad for your health, but unfortunately when our job requires us to sit at our desk looking at a computer screen and either reading or inputting data into the computer for hours on end, it will have a long term effect on your basic health and often there isn’t much we can do about it. But by following the advice given in the following article we can make a few changes in our daily routine that will help counter-balance the effects of too much office and sitting does to your health.

David Suzuki: Is your office bad for your health and well-being?

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What should we do to counter that effect.  Well David Suzuki advocates nature to counter balance things.  It doesn’t need much to help the situation, just sitting outside in your garden for 30 minutes a day, or taking a walk, or maybe spending your lunch in a park.  The only trouble the weather in England  is a big factor in why we can become couch potatoes and take to sitting our life away.  Exercise does help, especially if you can manage regular exercise, but outdoor exercise is definitely the best, and going for a walk probably the most beneficial.  If you are interested in reading a book on Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements, than click on the link colored in yellow.

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