Discovering How to Regain Health and Fitness

Health and fitness can become very important to one, once health issues kick in. Sadly that often means that is when the consequences of self-indulgent living has caused health issues that can’t be reversed.  I have struggled with many health issues caused by overweight and incorrect diet and have learned the hard way that when ones health suffers life can become extremely difficult, so it is easier in the long run to address the issues, rather than continue down the road that increases the problems.

Because of how important health and fitness has become to my family and myself, I thought it would be a good idea to have a website that will explore all the data from various people.  This website is a curation website, in other words I will be searching out articles and blogs from many sources and posting them, with a reason as to why I think they are important, or not.  This is to give as wide a picture as I can, as one man’s medicine is another man’s poison. The intentions of this website is to give practical help and ideas, as opposed to medical help, and not to take the place of doctors etc.

I firmly believe that we are tripartite, that means simply body, mind and spirit, and when one is not firing on all three cylinders that is when health issues arrive.  The old saying of a healthy mind in a healthy body  still holds true today.  The other old saying that we are what we eat, is also true today, but you can take it even further, what we feed on as in books, films, TV, Internet will affect our mind and spirit and then our bodies.  I have noticed that if people watch violent movies, or feast on pornography it can alter their behavior considerably, even bring about mental health issues if carried to extreme. I think most people will agree with me that there has been an explosion of violence, sexual and otherwise since the eighties, and that sort of runs with all the gratuitous violence and explicit sex seen on the television.  People are affected by what they watch on the box etc, the odd violent film or sexual film won’t do any damage, it is when one feasts on them that they can cause harm.

Children on climbing frame

A good way to get children to exercise

Our young people are at more risk than ever before, as it is so easy to turn into a couch potato, and children seem to spend far too much time in doors, watching television or playing on gaming machines and also on the internet.  To compound the problem the foods enjoyed by children all seem to contain high fat and sugar, and the fat is usually high in trans fatty acids, which really put children on path of becoming seriously overweight and early heart disease. Sadly they also love their music to be extremely loud and don’t realize that it will cause them to have hearing difficulties later on in life.

I intend to include simple recipes that my family and I use, to protect us from our various health issues as well as linking this site with other sites that offer relevant reading on the subject of health and fitness and equipment to exercise on if gym is out of the question.  I do hope that this website will encourage any one reading to take control of their health issues, before the dreaded old age arrives.  Old age is tough enough without health issues, but until we actually suffer health issues we sail along merrily and then pay the price later on.

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