Health Talk: Planning for baby

Having a healthy pregnancy, easy delivery and a healthy baby, must be most women’s main dream for a fulfilled life.  Sadly we often just fall into pregnancy, instead of planning it, and keep our unhealthy lifestyles going, even though we know they can affect our unborn child. Today it is easier to be able plan your babies, and that should give you time to change your lifestyle and get rid of unhealthy habits and prepare for the wonderful event of bringing a new life into this world.  It also goes without saying, that if you are fit and healthy yourself you will be more than able to care for your little darling. 

Health Talk: Planning for baby

“Research has shown that a healthy mom with healthy lifestyle habits leads to an easier delivery and a healthier, full-term baby. Women planning pregnancy should stop drinking alcohol, smoking and using illicit drugs. These unhealthy behaviors increase …”



All  my children were born with slight birth issues, mainly milk intolerance, which meant their infancy was frought with colic.  A constant crying baby is no joy to either parent and can put a great strain on your marriage.  It did have a very negative affect on my marriage and was one of the factors that led to my divorce. I didn’t give up cigarrettes though, my doctor thought it wasn’t necessary, and looking back I often wonder if that could have contributed to the colic problem. 

If you are interested in reading a book about pregnancy and making the right healthy choices called Mayo Clinic Guide to  Healthy Pregnancy than click on the link colored in yellow

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