Healthy bodies, healthier minds

I found this article extremely interesting, seeing I am in the age group that is seeing a decline in my memory and my overall physical activity.  This year sadly I suffered three bouts of influenza which took me some time to get over, I didn’t exercise during that time, and I noticed an immediate decline in almost every aspect of my health.  I am now fighting back, I have purchased an elliptical trainer, and almost immediately I saw a difference in my health, felt more alert, wasn’t falling asleep three times during the day etc.  

To watch a You Tube video that sadly I wasn’t allowed to embed in this article but it explains so wonderfully the importance of exercise to feed both the mind and the body than click on How to Live With a Healthy Body and Mind link highlighted in yellow

The next You Tube video is one I have found that emphazises the importance of what you eat mentally, spiritually as well as physically when you are experiencing a time of grief or stress of any kind.

Healthy bodies, healthier minds

“We can’t all be Karl Norberg, the Swedish fisherman who reportedly bench-pressed 465 pounds at the age of 74 and 400 pounds at 80. But judging from some studies released at the recent Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Vancouver, …”


What I loved about reading this article is the hope it has given me, that exercise can improve the areas in your brain that are in decline, especially if you are heading towards alzheimers or dementia.  Reading this article will help me to be more determined than ever to keep exercising and keep the blood getting to the brain, as well as eating the food the feeds the brain as well as the body.

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