How Exercise Affects Your Body Temperature Rhythm

I must confess when I read the title of this article I thought it was just another article informing of the benefits of exercise, I didn’t really realize that it was explaining the wonderful way exercise will help your body to sleep at night.  I suffer from bouts of insomnia, and must confess that whilst I was exercising, it was only on an air walker, which didn’t have any resistance to it, so I wasn’t really getting the benefit I thought I was getting. I have since purchased an elliptical trainer, and finding out that I was more seriously unfit than I thought I was, but gradually as i increase my exercise time minute by minute, I am finding the benefits of deeper sleep.


How Exercise Affects Your Body Temperature Rhythm

“How Exercise Affects Your Body Temperature RhythmIf you want to … Exercise is also a great relief of tension and stress which as youll later find ……/How-Exercise-Affects-Your-Body-Temp…”


I urge everyone who has a sleep problem to read this article and then do something about getting in more exercise, preferably in the morning, as it does set you up by making you feel more alert, and gives you more energy, helps you feel brighter, at least that is what I am finding, and definitely aids the sleep process.  To get more energy, you have to spend more energy, so even if you think you are too tired to do any exercise at all, I urge you to try something, maybe just a walk, or perhaps a swim, but gradually building up until you are fitter and more able to do a good 30 minutes workout.  I started on my elliptical trainer, but because my heartbeat rose too rapidly at first, I had to just start with no longer than  three minutes, now I am managing 15 minutes.  I have to wait until the pulse rate doesn’t go beyond 140 beats a minute, when it settles at that than I can increase again. But I am beginning to feel human again, after a year when I wasn’t sure whether I was a zombie or something of a similar ilk.

If you want to know more about this subject of exercise and its very many benefits than the is a book review called Move Yourself by Tedd Mitchell so click on the link colored in yellow.

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