Importance of Exercise and How Much Do You Need After 40?

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How important is exercise? Exercise for me is the most important way in improving my basic energy levels, my ability to sleep well and improves my overall feeling of well being.  It isn’t too difficult to be able to put a little exercise into your life, but if you are getting on in years the trick is to start slowly and build up the length and intensity little by little.

For instance I have recently purchased a cross trainer, it comes with the ability to measure ones pulse. When I first started I found my pulse rate went to 190 within a few minutes, so I started with three minutes a day, and built up minute by minute as the pulse was able to take the exercise.  I have been using it for a month and am up to 12 minutes with the pulse settling at 135 beats a minute, but the pulse very rapidly drops back to 90 beats within the minute, so I feel the heart is getting stronger and I am feeling so much more energetic to how I have been feeling this past year.  By the way I am a senior citizen, and suffered a heart attack when I was 53 years of age, so exercise is extremely important. I was using an airwalker, but gradually it dawned on me that there was very little resistance and that may well be why I was feeling so low of late.

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Please don’t take the You Tube video as for America only, I am afraid the problem of obesity is becoming world-wide especially in the West.


How Much Exercise Do You Need After 40?

by Renee Snipes

Exercise is a must once you reach 40 years of age, but how much is the big question. Do I exercise everyday, or just three days, and how long? According to the Surgeon General, you need 30 minutes of moderate to intensity of physical activity most days of the week. What are most days of the week and what constitutes moderate or intensity? These are all common questions we all have including me. When I say most days, I mean at least four days a week.

I think the answer to this question varies depending on your health, age, limitations, and your eating behaviors. If you eat healthy every day then you don’t need no more than 3 days of exercise at 60 minutes, this will keep you maintained. Unfortunately, most of us do not eat healthy everyday. If you do not eat healthy everyday you need to do a decent amount of physical activity along with working on eating healthy most days of the week.

I personally like a mixture of healthy eating and exercising. You are the only person who knows what kinds of foods you are eating, how much and when. You cannot lie to yourself. Most days I eat healthy and exercise at least 4 days a week. I also eat foods I should not have, so I compensate by exercising with more intensity or adding an extra day of exercise. You have to experiment with what works for you, if you are not seeing any results; you know you will need to make a change.

I have seen a lot of advertisements talking 10 minutes, 15 minutes and so on; this will not work if you are over 40. Workout sessions should be at least 5 days a week at 30 minutes or three at 60 minutes. Don’t forget the strength training this need to be included in at least two of your workouts a week. I try to take classes that include both cardio and strength training to maximize my time and workout. Some say the more the better, but you must give your body rest to reap the benefits, especially if you are strength training. Giving your body a rest day helps, rebuild and strengthen your body. Rest days do not mean do nothing; you just do not want to work the same muscles. Taking a brisk walk, laundry, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator are all examples of activities to keep you moving during rest periods.

The bottom line is everyone is different and no doctor or advertisement can tell you how much exercise you need. If you feel you need 5 days a week, and you are seeing results then that it what you go with. The main objective is to lose the fat and build lean muscle. Now I’m not saying you need no exercise, but how much depends on your body and lifestyle. If you are over 40 take into consideration you will need a little more of something! This could be more physical activity or healthier eating. The fact is you won’t burn calories like you did when you were 20 and 30 and your metabolism is naturally slower. So take everything into account, and monitor what works and you will come up with right combination to keep you fit!

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I agree with Renee Snipes when she says everyone is different, and no-one can tell you how much exercise you need, you just need to listen to your body and see if you are getting the results you need.  It is important to lose excess weight, but it is equally important to feel well and energetic.  There is nothing worse than dragging yourself around every day, feeling too tired to live.  You can only use energy if you have a reserve of energy to use.  After all you wouldn’t think of withdrawing funds from the bank if there were no funds to withdraw, or try to drive a car when the fuel pump reads empty.

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