Learning More About Leading A Healthier And Fitter Existence …

I am including this article because the author speaks of the importance of making sure you have sufficient selenium in your diet.  In the United Kingdom we find that overall the soil is impoverished and lacks selenium, escept in a small seaside resort on the Norfolk Coast, where if a local eats local food they have the benefits of an extra long healthy life.  One brazil nut a day will give you your full dose of selenium.


Learning More About Leading A Healthier And Fitter Existence …

“Eating more nutritiously can lead to much better health. Here are some effective tips to remain healthy. Huge amounts of people are crazy about coupons. We have all seen the super shoppers on TV with their weekly shopping list costing only …Premier Diet and Fitness”


The other necessity is seeing you eat your carbohydrates as whole carbohydrates and not simple. In other words watch your white bread, white rice, pasta and of course pastry, biscuits and cakes.  Carbohydrates can also increase your insulin production and make you feel more hungry than you need to.

If you want to read a book called Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back To Health than click on the link highlighted in yellow.

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