Researchers identify clue to explain the reversible memory loss caused by statins

To all people who are unfortunate enough to have to take statins, memory loss may also be a problem, but the natural thought is just to say that the memory loss is down to age.  However the following article gives food for thought.  

My husband takes statins, having high cholesterol problems and having to have stents (to widen the arteries) where plaque had all but blocked his arteries. He is showing considerable memory loss, but we just put it down to the fact of life, age.  Now I am wondering about the effect statins are having, not only in memory loss, but I also understand they gradually make every cell wall thinner, and that of course can trigger strokes etc. These statins are being prescribed for many people, they are even thinking of giving them to children to stop arteriosclerosis (blocked arteries).

Please watch the video, because it isn’t only memory loss that statins cause, it can cause fatal heart disease, and kidney and liver failure as well as type 2 diabetes.  There has to be a better way of lowering ones cholesterol.

Researchers identify clue to explain the reversible memory loss caused by statins

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and physicians continue to document that some patients experience fuzzy thinking and memory loss while taking statins, a class of global top-selling cholesterol-lowering drugs. A University of Arizona research team …”


But what is the answer, if one stopped the statins, what do you put in their place.  I am supposed to take statins, because I had a heart attack when I was 53 years, due to a huge shock I suffered when I found my Mother had died unexpectedly.  But I also found I couldn’t take statins, because they made me very nauseous, so I refused them.  I take Lecithin, part of the Vitamin B group that acts as a detergent in the blood breaking down fat globules and making the blood thinner as a result.  But my heart attack wasn’t nearly as serious as my husbands would have been if he had had the attack.  By the Grace of God his heart attack was spotted before it happened and the stent was fitted.  

I don’t have high blood pressure at all, and that is the difference.  My husband does, so that makes me very nervous of telling him to stop the statins and try the Lecithin.  My cholesterol is higher than my Doctor would like it to be, but it isn’t higher than, when previous to my heart attack, I was told it was ‘normal’.  It is only classed higher because I have had an attack.  But memory loss and confusion is also serious in its own way, however the research has shown that this can be reversed when the statins are stopped, and that is very good news.  if you are interested in reading a book called The Statin Damage Crisis than click on the link colored yellow.

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