Stress: How your inability to handle the ‘minor hassles’ of life affects your …

Stress takes its toll on our health, that is something we are all aware of, but just how much it does  and what we can do to help us handle stress is not something most of us understand.  For example did you know that cortisol a hormone produced during stress is one of the causes for belly fat, or if you are a diabetic, for raising blood sugar levels, not forgetting raising blood pressure which leads to heart disease, or stroke.  

The article below tells you of the dangers of stress, and not necessarily the major stress factors like family problems, or unemployment, but unpaid bills, road rage, taking offence at people, deadlines at work can also cause long term stress health problems.  When I read the article I  realized how important it is to keep ‘ones cool’ in all ways and thought about the two types of people mentioned in the article, and how important it is to do all one can not to allow one to become chronically stressed.

Stress: How your inability to handle the ‘minor hassles’ of life affects your …

“In a key finding, “minor hassles” of daily life can take a toll on health, independent of what chronic stress can cause. “Daily stressors are less severe than chronic stressors, but they are nonetheless associated with adverse same-day physical health …”


This article doesn’t really deal in what needs to be done to help one to change ones attitude and become a Teflon person rather than a Velcro person.  Stress seems to be very much part of the modern way of life, and I thought of the closing paragraph of the article – people suffering from stress are more likely to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, sleep badly and eat ‘junk food’.

Dealing with stress means one has to take charge of the choices in our life, and even when it seems impossible, one can make small changes, taking good exercise is a start, because that will help with insomnia.  Changing ones diet and eating sensibly, not processed food, but plenty of fresh vegetables, salads, good meat (not processed) and staying away from sugary foods which mostly consist of empty calories and raise insulin levels which play havoc with your ability to remain cool.  I once read an article on how a school in the Bronx area of New York helped children to behave better just by changing their dietary habits.  We are what we eat, and good food, good sleep and good exercise helps towards lowering the effects that stress can have on our health, and very importantly reduce belly fat which can cause so many negative health problems.

Taking small steps, not trying to do everything all at once, will help you overcome in this area.  Drastic dieting is stressful and difficult to sustain.  I gave up cigarettes by not smoking in the mornings, waiting until the afternoon before i would allow myself a cigarette, and then pushing the time out further and further.  i did it slowly and haven’t had a cigarette since 1986, as once i became a Christian I lost the desire to smoke.  As a Christian I find having a ‘quiet time with my Heavenly Father’ very helpful, as I was a definite Velcro subject, and today am struggling with the ongoing health problems that being a Velcro subject has brought about. I am thankful to say today that I have learned to put my trust into the Only One who can help me, speak to Him about the problem and leave it with Him.  It has helped me so much to turn from looking at the ‘whatif’s to being expectant on how the problem will be sorted out, from looking at the dark to looking towards the light and being willing to wait until the answer to prayer has come.

I liked what Dr Whiting said about living in the ‘now’, rather than in the future and worrying about what afterall may never come about.  After my divorce when i was very young, left with two children to bring up, someone said to me, you do not know what is round the next corner, and I didn’t.  But round the corner I met my present husband and emigrated to the United Kingdom and have a completely different life style to what I had in South Africa, and I am so thankful for that. A lifestyle that has also helped change me from being a Velcro person to becoming a Teflon person and I am so grateful for that.

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