Ten Ways To Lose Weight The Healthy Way | Sarah Remmer …

I think we all dread the moment when we realize we need to shed extra pounds gained, and sadly that is where I am right now.  So this article is very intrigueing for me, as on the whole I do eat healthily, because I know the benefits of doing so.  Sadly, however, life has a way of getting in between  what we intend doing and what we actually do.  

This last year I have gained almost about 10lbs in weight and it makes me feel most uncomfortable, especially as I have never had a sylph like figure.  This article points out the importance of getting enough sleep, and I have to confess it is this that has helped me gain this extra weight.  I hit a bout of insomnia, and became horrendously depressed and in fact had to get medication to help me through.  Than a Doctor suggested I have a bowl of porridge at night, and yes it has helped wonderfully with the sleep problem, but I find I am not able to lose weight anymore…..

Ten Ways To Lose Weight The Healthy Way | Sarah Remmer …

“Top 10 Ways to Safely Lose Weight. Tip #1: Always eat a healthy breakfast. We all know how important this meal is. And when it comes to losing weight, …www.sarahremmer.com/…/ten-ways-to-lose-weight-the-health…”


Whilst noting what the author has to say about getting the required 7 – 8 hours sleep, with which I absolutely agree, I realize I will have to do something about the porridge last thing at night.  The other problem at the moment is we are harvesting our garden, and yes we are eating fresh food, plenty of veggies and salad, which is marvelous, but also potatoes and corn on the cob.  Next year I think I must insist that my husband doesn’t grow either crop, because it is just too hard to refuse.  The other way is to cut back on grain carbohydrates and eat more legumes.

When I was very much younger, I stayed in a hostel for a while and found again I needed to lose weight urgently.  I had no option but to eat cheese ( the triangle cheese in foil variety) water biscuits, and apples during the day, and my evening meal at night – just the meat and veggies without potatoes and gravy.  I soon shed 25lbs of weight doing that, but I was much younger and ones first diet is definitely the easiest.  I totally agree with the author who advocates against yo-yo dieting, as sadly I have always found the moment you go back to eating normally you put all the weight back on, and more.  I am just going to continue what I am eating but smaller portions, and get rid of the porridge at night, and hope that I am able to sleep once more.  I hope the above article gave all readers something to think about, especially if you are concerned about your weight.

If this article interested you, you may like to read a book about The Small Change Diet: 10 Steps to a Thinner, Healthier You by Keri Gans, than click on the link colored in yellow.

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