The affects of emotional and mental illness on our wellness: Can you "think …

This article confirms what I have learned since becoming a Christian, how important our thinking is, not only for our spiritual and mental wellbeing, but also for our physical health. I have learned that we can choose to focus on all our negativities, oh woe is me, and pay the price, or we can learn to be thankful for all the good things in our life and enjoy the benefits that that will bring.  Coming from Africa, I never feel to be amazed at how cheerful African people, who have next to nothing in material goods, maintain a happiness that we would do well to emulate.  How miserable, we, who have incredible wealth in comparison to people in rural Africa, can allow ourselves to become.  I only look around when going shopping to see very few smiling faces, and what a difference a smile will make.


The affects of emotional and mental illness on our wellness: Can you “think …

Stress in the brain equals stress in the body. When we are emotionally stressed-out, the body responds through raising our cortisol levels which affects the way our body stores fat. Exercise helps increase our endorphins (feel good hormone released …The Virginian-Pilot”


When I first became a Christian, and I have to say that my Doctor recommended that I looked at the benefits of having a faith because I was becoming very depressed, I wondered what God’s plan and purpose was for my life.  A very beautiful Christian friend told me that ‘if I rejoiced in all things, prayed continuously, and gave thanks for everything, that was God’s will for my life, and He would make all things new.’  That was such a wonderful revelation to me, and I have tried to implement that in my life.  It was life changing, but took me a long time before I could really implement that and turn the deep unhappiness I was going through at that time, into a quiet happiness and trust in my Lord.  Incidentally exercise does help in an incredible way, and somehow at that moment in time I was given the opportunity to learn tap dancing, which brought great fun and enjoyment and was an enormous help in turning me away from the depressed state I was in.

If you want to read a book on Happiness called The Happiness Trap: How to Stop Struggling and Start Living – by Russ Harris than click on the link colored in yellow.

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