The importance of improving your immune system

The headlines in the news today is how over-use of antibiotics are going to leave us vulnerable in the next decade to bacterial infections so improving our immune systems is of great importance to us.  In other words we will be going back to the old days before the wonder medicine of antibiotics, and it is all down to us pestering the doctors to prescribe antibiotics for something as trivial as a cold.  The old days meant that if you had a simple operation and the wound became infected then it was possible that you didn’t survive because the infection could change to septicaemia, which even today can kill you even though we have antibiotics.
The answer of course is hoping the drug companies will find new antibiotics, but sadly that hasn’t happened since 1980, so that will be wonderful if that happens, but not to be relied upon.  However the best thing we can and should do in the meantime is to get our immune system to be the best it can be, so it we are hit by an awful illness than we have the best chance to survive it.


The importance of improving your immune system

“We don’t think too much about our immune system until it lets us down. It is actually a very complex network of glands, lymph nodes and organs which produce ……/importance-improving-your-immune-s…”


Of course much has been written about the various steps you can take to help boost your immune system, and one simple step is getting more sunshine on your body to boost vitamin D levels.  I know there has been some bad press about sunbathing and skin cancer, and i am not advocating spending hours in the sun especially the midday sun, I am simply saying that before the sun becomes too hot, then if you are able to strip off and get the suns rays on your body, do so.  The only people I know who have suffered from melonoma of the skin and died, were people who never sunbathed and had an alabster white skin.

I also believe in taking Echinacea when I think I have caught a cold, as it sends extra blood to the Spleen and that helps in fighting the infection and I also take a huge dose of Vitamin C, as that also helps to fight the infection, and the body just gets rid of any excess in the usual way. I also make sure that I have good intake of Vitamin B Complex as when you are depleted in Vitamin B your immune system is affected.  This is easily done when you eat simple carbohydrates i.e. White Bread and cakes and biscuits.

Do read the article and see what you think, our health is our wealth, and when we feel low or ill, life can be very dreary indeed.  Looking after ones immune system is vital to our overall wellbeing.  But this is a very big subject and I don’t the the surface has even been scratched.  But it is good to think about it and maybe take a few small steps to becoming healthier, fitter and living a fuller life.

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