Wellness 101: lose weight the healthy way

Well, we have made it into the New Year, and I would like to take the opportunity to wish all readers a Very Happy healthy and Prosperous New Year. But unfortunately some of us will have gained weight through the great Christmas and New Year celebrations. and will be looking for a way to shed those extra pounds.  Some of us who have allowed ourselves to gain considerable weight over the years will be making resolutions to go on diet and lose those extra pounds.  Some of us, especially in the U.K. will be agast at hearing that some councils will be reducing benefits unless we lose weight.
So how do we go about it.  The following is an article that may help you not to go down what can be a dangerous path leading to complications in other health areas when you decide to lose weight.  It warns you again radical diets, and also against taking pills etc.  To be sensible and exercise whenever you can.  Apparently just getting up from your chair and walking around a few minutes as many times a day as you can, will actually help.
 If you are fortunate enough to have a treadmill, cross trainer, airwalker at home, than make up your mind to use it, it is much easier to keep to that commitment than finding the time to go out to the gym.  Unless of course the gym is a special social time for you, in which case you will enjoy it and make the time for it.  But again on television, the presenter was speaking about full gyms in January, and empty gyms the rest of the year, and often you sign a year contract to join, and often this contract cannot be broken.
Anyway I hope you read the article, and that it will help you make up your mind to lose weight in a gentle controlled way, that will enhance your wellbeing and not cause other health issues.


Wellness 101: lose weight the healthy way

“They are in newspapers, magazines and TV. They’re on the sides of Facebook, Google and YouTube. “Get a skinny boost.” “No surgery needed.” “Lose weight and learn to keep it off.” Without even realizing it, we are not only constantly bombarded with …”


Sadly I have found that even the best intentions and healthy lifestyles can be messed up with taking holidays and eating out with friends and families.  Whilst I was on holiday on a certain delightful island I was actually horrified to see how many large ladies and men there were.  I am classed as obese (how I hate that word) but actually felt quite slim when I was out there.
When I first emigrated to the UK in 1970 my weight was reasonable, I have never been slim, I bypassed that at the age of 12years, but I wasn’t too bad.  However when I did put on some weight, due I think to a more inactive lifestyle in the UK I found that there was very few clothes to be purchased UK size 18 then, but now UK size 18 is found everywhere, and in fact you gan get clothes easily right up to size 24UK sizing, and that tells me everything.
Obesity is on the increase, and it is no longer an age related disease, so many youngsters are affected by it, and I wonder if it is because we are eating out more frequently, and therefore not in control of what we are eating.
 I had a heart attack at the age of 53 years, and was constantly told not to eat fatty foods, so embarked upon a low fat diet, with pleanty of fibre, fruit, salads and vegetables.  Today I have health problems that are because of the low fat diet, I in my enthusiasm managed to strip my diet of virtually all fat, and certainly no added fats etc. Today the research is found, that it is trans-fatty acids that do the damage, they are found in all foods that are baked (biscuits and cakes etc) or fried or bread-crumb coated, or battered.  So I avoid those like the plague, but do eat some foods that have fat naturally in them.  
I also realize that drinking fizzy drinks like coca-cola etc does a great deal of harm, if you have the normal variety you are drinking in 15 teaspoons of sugar, if you drink the non-sugar variety you are drinking artificial sweetners that have just as awful health problems.
To all who are trying to get rid of unwanted weight I send my very best wishes, and if any of you are really successful please email me at the email address on the ‘Contact Me’ page and let me know.  Right now I wish I need never dine out again, but it is not fair on my husband.
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