What We Need To Combat The Bacteria In Our Systems

When I was much younger i learned a very painful lesson that we are what we eat, and had to completely overhaul my diet to combat cluster migraine, which was making me extremely ill.  Since then i ahve also suffered from a heart attack, due mainly to a severe shock, but again because I wasn’t very old I needed to overhaul my diet yet again.  Even then it wasn’t enough, I thought i was eating correctly, healthily, but developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and although i have done everything I know and understand to combat this problem, so far I have had limited success.

But it is only very recently I have understood about good bacteria and bad bacteria in our systems, and am taking Acidopholus to help rectify the problem.  But I thought the problem was brought on by anti-biotics, especially as lately I have been prescribed a lot of anti-biotics.  So I was very dismayed to read that just drinking chlorinated water can also destroy the good bacteria.  So many digestive problems are caused by this, coeliac disease, irritable bowel, psoriasis, colitis, excema, arthritis, and in fact most auto-immune diseases you can ultimately blame the inbalance in our gut of good versus bad bacteria.

What We Need To Combat The Bacteria In Our Systems

“…health effect. Inside healthy colons are billions of good bacteria which support our immune system … the good bacteria in us and decrease our ability to fight off disease.When our immune system is broken…”


Some nutritionists recommend eating fermented foods like sauerkraut, yoghurt, kefir, or more of a similar ilk.  But to rectify the problem you would have to eat these foods in vast quantities, so it isn’t practical.  Yes I am taking probiotics, but sadly whilst there is improvement, there isn’t enough improvement that I can honestly say I have recovered from feeling lethargic, plus the problems of irritable bowel syndrome, and back to feeling full of vim and vigour once more.  

That is what I am after, to regain ones lost vitality is my ambition.  But it is true to say you must be very careful of what probiotic you take, as you don’t actually know whether the stuff you are taking is still alive or not, and is still capable of doing its job.  At the moment I am also researching the fruit ‘graviola’, as I understand it has wonderful healing properties, especially for digestive problems, and if I can actually purchase the fruit in the United Kingdom, I will give it a trial run and write up my experiences.

In the meantime if you are troubled with frequent indigestion, irritable bowel, colitis, coeliac disease, excema, arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes 2, then check out probiotics and see if changing you gut bacteria will aid your recovery from these auto-immune diseases.  If you to read a book called Bacteria for Breakfast: Probiotics for Good health than click on the link colored in yellow.

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